How to configure your keyboard

First, turn on your keyboard by holding this button down for a few seconds.

Release the button as soon as the keyboard lights up.

Hold down the first Bluetooth button until the blue light starts blinking.

On your iPad, go into the Settings app.

On the left, select Bluetooth.

Then, on the right, tap ‘ZAGG Keyboard’.

After a few seconds, it will indicate that your keyboard is now connected.

Now we need to change the language settings of your keyboard.

On the left, tap ‘General’, then tap ‘Keyboard’ on the right.

Here, tap ‘Add new keyboard…’ on the right.

From this list, choose ‘French (Switzerland)’.

Back in this screen, tap ‘Edit’ in the top right, and delete all keyboards except ‘Emoji’ and ‘French (Switzerland)’.

Then, tap ‘Done’ in the top right corner.

Your keyboard is now configured.

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